Location Update  

SGCC has worship services, Sunday School and a midweek Bible study each week. Come and join us! To get info on places and times, check the calendar here to stay informed.

Genesis Credibility  

Is there actually evidence that the earth is young? Is it possible that God might have used a scientific process called evolution? Elder Joseph Jacobsen will be taking a searching look at science and the biblical record in an upcoming Sunday School series, and we will link to recordings here.

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Welcome to the home page of Sovereign Grace Community Church of Petaluma

We meet for Sunday Morning Worship at 10 AM in the Community room of the Valley Orchard Retirement Community, 2100 East Washington Street.

Our Church Office is at:
1310 Commerce Street, Suite B, Petaluma, CA

For more information, call
(707) 778-1296
For other ministry programs, check the Monthly Ministry Calendar